HDL Link KNX Gateway Server M/GWASC.1

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KNX Gateway is a protocol conversion gateway based on KNX Bus communication, and enables data exchange with devices of different protocols.

Its main functions include:

  • Device list: control feedback, update status
  • Supports scene function: add scenes, *area capture scenes, *movie (dynamic) scenes
  • Automation function
  • Security function
  • Clock: local clock, network clock, automatic synchronization of network time
  • System detection, device status reporting: device online status, offline status, device abnormal information
  • Drive management of third-party products
  • Factory reset function
  • Data backup and data recovery function

Protocol and software support:

  • Internal communication protocols include: https, tcp, udp, etc., and standard mqtt access to third-party servers also supported.
  • Support intranet communication, remote access
  • Support backup upload and download of APP, Cloud, *SD card, debugging software
  • Auxiliary support: KNX Assistance Software, KNX ETS, OnPro , Cloud server
  • Online upgrade: upgrade gateway online via KNX Assistance Software, or upgrade other Bus devices through this gateway.
  • Note: The functions with * are not yet open for use.

Basic Parameters

  • Working voltage: 21~30V DC
  • Working current: 20mA/30V DC
  • Auxiliary voltage: 20~30V DC
  • Auxiliary current: 200mA/24V DC
  • Communication: KNX, RS485, Ethernet
  • Interface:
  • KNX connector :1
  •  Auxiliary power supply: 1
  •  RS485 connector" 2
  •  RJ45 port : 1
  • SD card slot: 1
  • Hardware information: CPU H3@1GHz, 4G RAM, 8G Flash
  • Cable diameter of KNX terminal: 0.6 – 0.8mm
  • Operation system: Linux 3.2.0 Kernel

External Environment

  • Working temperature: -5℃~45℃
  • Working relative humidity: ≤90%
  • Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃
  • Storage relative humidity: ≤93%
  • Specifications
  • Dimensions: 90×36×63.7 (mm)
  • Net weight: 87g
  • Housing material: PA66
  • Installation: 35mm DIN rail installation
  • Protection rating (Compliant with EN 60529) : IP20

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HDL Link KNX Gateway Server M/GWASC.1

512.00 incl. VAT

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